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Acquit was founded in 2000 and is based in Berne, Switzerland. After almost two decades of silence, the future focus of Acquit Records is to continue to redefine the sounds and structures of electronic music without any restriction. All artists and listeners are a part of the label evolution.
Founder and owner of Acquit Records. Former drummer he started to play at early age of 7 and had his first experience with electronic music at age of 9 in 1990. Later, in 1996 Yannick M. Spycher released his first 12" followed by releases on Hochdruck, Everest and a remix for Augmented Reality. And the story goes on...

Cameno Bay
Cameno Bay is auditory story telling with vintage synthesizer FX and sampling gear. Self realization, autodidactism and truthfulness are the foundation whereby our sonic adventure is disclosed. Visions of the future and the past communicated through sound. The soundtrack for the decaying matrix at the edge of the new yuga and the ascent of the sixth tribe. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.

Swiss born Diego Hostettler is the son of a professional jazz musician, a pianist since youth and a prolific producer since the mid nineties. It was an introduction to Stefan Riesen from Phont Music in 1998 that led to his first release, and since then there have been more than fifty 12”s and a total of eight albums on labels like Kanzleramt, Tronic, U-Turn and Damage Music.

Niels Jensen
Releases on wellknown labels like Mental Groove (Remix for DJ Rush) or Speaker Attack. His Tracks are fastpaced in bpm and introduce tight bassdrums.

Lot 6       
Lot 6 is a producer duo from Berne (Switzerland) consisting of Bernhard Pulfer & Afrim  Azizoski. Since the early 1990s the two dudes have been obsessed with electronic music, especially techno and house music.  Short time after they started DJing and make their own parties with friends (Cronics Production).   In the beginning of 2015 they started producing together under the pseudonym  Lot 6 (aka Lot Six). The first tracks were released on the Spanish label BlackVogue Records.

From Lansing, Detroit, USA

Arian Cerddor
Nothing yet
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